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My story

Tropical Leaves

Meet Alizee

Since I was a little girl I have been passionate about nature, plants and medicinal plants.

I have worked on farms understanding how the world of flora and fauna works.

I studied medicinal plants and received a Diploma, I now understand the purpose and benefits medicinal plants and nature can give us.

I've travelled most of my life discovering ways of living and the beauty we have on this earth.


Falling in love with this planet every day a little bit more, I have developed a new passion for photography.


I'm French, I grew up in Quebec and then in Mexico, I also lived for a while in the USA & Thailand,

Now I've settled in the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire UK...

my objective


I wanted to set up a business in which I can help protect our beautiful planet and to encourage people to reduce their plastic waste;

but mostly create a product that is free from chemicals and unnecessary ingredients, I am committed to creating products that are the most natural possible and kinder for our skin and scalp.

Growing up in Mexico, I've spent most of my childhood collecting plastic from the beach thinking it was normal, I was young and misguided about the reality that was and is happening everywhere in the world.

I eventually grew older and went travelling; I have seen many countries and many continents and witnessed how much we, as humans waste and soil the earth...

In 2017 I have worked on and developed recipes for shampoo bars without harsh and nasty chemicals for both human and the planet.

I have created shampoos that have biodegradable and Eco-friendly ingredients so my footprint is reduced and we cause the least possible harm to our planet.

All my shampoos are gentle for your skin and have nourishing and conditioning properties that will leave your hair looking healthier.

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