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Rise & Shine is nourishing and balancing. Suitable for all hair types.

Gentle yet effective, it cleanses without drying out natural oils, removing impurities making it ideal for oily scalps.

This shampoo makes straight hair look healthier and alive and as for those with curls it restores bounce and shape, leaving hair glossier, softer and nourished.


* MULTANI MITTI OR FULLER'S EARTH- Regulates sebum and oily roots creating a balanced and healthier scalp reducing dandruff. It helps fight against hair loss and improves hair growth. It activates blood flow and leave follicles nourished, making hair stronger, smoother and silkier.


*REETHA (SOAPNUT) - Is a wonderful ingredient for a healthier, shinier and  more youthful looking mane, it prevents dryness and has anti-fungal benefits relieving itchy scalps.


*FENUGREEK - Rich on folic acid, vitamins A, C and K it nourishes, hydrates and strenghtens hair from scalp to ends. Fenugreek slows down the appearance of grey hairs, repaires damaged and coarse hair making them shinier and softer.


The Rise & shine is suitable for coloured hair.

product weight 67g


**The are NO nasty harmful chemicals, Soap, SLS & SLES in our products**


All of our shampoos are made with natural ingredients so colours may vary from each batch, this will not affect the quality of the product.


* They are P.H balanced between 5 and 6 so your hair, scalp and skin can all be gently washed without transition phase.



If you are interested to know the full list of active and beneficial ingredients go to the active ingredients section and see all the goodness that our shampoos have in them.


Rise & shine

SKU: 0004

    1- Wet the shampoo in your hands and rub it until the foam starts to build up.


    2- Massage the bar starting at the roots making circular movements or downwards, from the roots towards the ends for better lathering. Leave it in a minute or so for all the goodness to have time to be absorbed into your hair.


    3- Rinse thoroughly...

    RINSING TIP: For a better result, rinse well with warm water and then rinse with cooler or cold water (it helps lock in the goodness inside the cuticles for a glossier and smoother finish).

    All our shampoo have conditioning benefits so you might not need to condition every time.


    4- Store the shampoo in a dry and aired place

    Hope you enjoy the result...


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