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  • Can I use your shampoos with coloured hair?
    Yes you can! -If your hair is blonde, and want to be extreamly cautious you can use rise & shine and Pink avocado, they wont mess with your blondeness, but as far as we are aware none of them really messes with blondeness. -For any other colours you can use all our shampoos.
  • How many plastic bottles do I save by using a shampoo bar?
    On average with one of our bar you save two bottles of 250ml shampoo going to land fill.
  • What is the PH of the shampoos?
    Our shampoo's have a PH between 5 and 6.5.
  • My shampoo has broken what do i do?
    These shampoos tend to break apart eventually because they are made with natural powders and oils so become weak when your over half way through, simply squeeze them into a ball or a pellet, if the bits are too small just use them as body wash in a soap bag or just as they are.
  • Are the shampoos nut free?
    Our shampoos have sweet almond oil in them. We are working on a new NUT FREE recipe coming soon...
  • Why is my shampoo a different colour than the one I bought last time?
    The colours will vary from time to time as we only use natural ingredients without colour pigments, as nature goes, even as pefect as it is, there are some small variants in the colours of our products depending on the crops.
  • Are all the ingredients biodegradable and Eco-friendly?
    YES they are all made with ingredients that are approved to be biodegradable and soil friendly.
  • Do your shampoos have SLS or SLES ( sulfates) ?
    All our shampoos are (SLS & SLES) sulfate FREE.
  • Can I use the shampoos on my children?
    Yes they are safe and gentle for children's (over 2 years old) skin and hair.
  • Are your shampoos vegan?
    Yes all our shampoos are vegan.
  • Is your packaging eco-friendly?
    YES, all our packaging is eco-friendly and plastic free As we are trying to reduce our footprint and waste for our planet's sake, we have decided to send our shampoo bars wrapped in compostable baking paper (so the oils and butter are kept inside the shampoo and not absorded by the packaging), packed in a recyclable paper bag and surrounded by our recycled paper stickers. They will be sent in an recyclable and responsibly sourced padded envelope for protection, we use paper tape to secure that the envelope is well sealed .
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