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These reusable pads help you to make a positive impact on our environment.

Every year, disposable face wipes, cotton pads and balls contribute to the huge volume of waste produced by the beauty industry. They either end up in landfill, where they fail to fully decompose, or they flow into the ocean, often harming sea life. Our pads are perfect for removing make-up, exfoliation or just everyday washing.

This beautiful printed pads are made from 100% cotton they are available in 2 reverse options. Super soft brushed cotton to use on delicate eye areas and bamboo towelling which gives a great clean with a little exfoliation.


We include the perfect sized wash bag, this essential bag will stop your precious pads going the same way as all those lost socks in the machine, making sure that you can use all 10 of your pads time and time again.

Use, wash and reuse.... they are ready to use again and again. Not only does that benefit the environment but the purse/wallet too.

Pads: 7cm approximately



5 x Brushed cotton pads for delicate eye areas
5 x Bamboo towelling pads for cleaning, cleansing and a little exfoliation
1 x Washbag made from recycled plastic

10 Reusable Face pads Exotic flowers



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